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Planning, Assessment, and Facilitation



What’s Your Plan?
Vibrant, successful organizations all have one thing in common: they are always planning, assessing, and facilitating important strategy discussions to foster growth and change. The very nature of planning, assessment and facilitation is that these processes are guided by rigorous process standards, but must be uniquely customized to the needs of the organization. Small nonprofits have different planning needs than larger nonprofits, and culture, leadership, mission and life-space all play a role in the formation of a strategic plan.
Organizations may need a broad strategic plan, financial modeling, a refreshed program design, sustainability planning, an organizational assessment or many other types of planning. But no plan can be implemented without a rigorous validation process and the buy-in of leadership, staff, board and key stakeholders. To achieve this buy-in, The Olin Group works to provide strategic support and planning designed to bolster organizational, operational, and programmatic capacity across all sectors.


Featured Services

• Board Development and Facilitation
• Business Plans
• Development Assessments
• Financial Modeling
• Market Opportunity Analyses
• Organizational Assessments
• Staff Development and Facilitation
• Strategic Plans
• Sustainability Planning

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