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Fund Development Services


Where Do Grants Fit Into Your Development Strategy?
A successful grant program is critical to the sustainability and health of nonprofit organizations. The Olin Group’s work raises millions of dollars each year for our nonprofit clients. Because many nonprofits either do not have, or cannot afford, an internal development team, this kind of outsourced development support is an ideal alternative.
Our methodology is based on a desire to build a customized and positive experience for our clients. The Olin Group’s team-based approach to grant strategy, design, and production produces a high volume of grants without sacrificing quality. Because we work with funders and nonprofits alike, we provide a unique perspective on how to align the missions of each. In addition to conducting extensive funder research for ideal matching, we closely examine program design, budget, metrics, and outcomes to identify funding strengths and offer recommendations and solutions to mitigate funding weaknesses. Our ability to articulate the vision, mission, and passion behind services and programs is a key component to our grant writing success, as is our deep understanding of the philanthropic market. Each client receives a monthly strategy report to guide priorities and a grant report to track pending, awarded, and denied grant requests, as well as aggregate rates of return and return on investment. At every step of the way, we work closely with our clients to determine priorities, reinforce strategies, and communicate recommendations and emerging opportunities.
Featured Services

• Federal Grant Vetting
• Federal Program Design
• Grant Strategy
• Grant Budgets
• Grant Narratives
• Funder Research and Reports
• Logic Models
• Program Assessments
• Proposal Development and Submittals




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