Pamela Pimentel, Chief Executive Officer
MOMS Orange County

MOMS Orange County provides free access to prenatal care, health screenings, infant development screenings, health education and referral services through monthly home visits and group classes. Their highly successful programs are aimed at disrupting the combined dynamics of poverty, lack of health insurance, and barriers to health care that often lead to impaired maternal and infant health. Pamela has been guiding MOMS Orange County since 2000, during which time their impact has increased tenfold.

As one of their very first clients, we’re fortunate to have grown organizationally right alongside The Olin Group. Over the years, The Olin Group team has become our go-to resource when we need additional expertise. Strategic planning, brand messaging, research, evaluations – there hasn’t been any part of our organization that The Olin Group hasn’t helped.

In 2000, our budget was $500,000 and we annually served 1,000 at-risk pregnant women and their babies. 17 years later, we manage a $4.5 million dollar budget and serve 3,600 families per year, maintain a staff of 45, and are proud that 2 published research articles were born from our evaluation work with The Olin Group. When we bought our own building in 2008 – to see our name and logo up there on a building – that was the moment I felt amazed by the growth we have accomplished organizationally. The Olin Group’s help at key points in our development has been absolutely instrumental in our growth and success.

The Olin Group first helped us through the very challenging process of rebranding and changing our name in 2008. It was hard to spend the money on something other than direct services, but I knew I could trust their expertise and they would be good stewards of our precious, limited resources. They’ve also helped us communicate the value and impact of our programs, and create a long-term vision for our future. Nonprofit leaders are often so busy keeping things running strong from day-to-day, that we don’t have the time to step back and look at the larger picture. The Olin Group’s objectivity provides this broader view. There’s no way we could have accomplished all the things we’ve done without them – we simply didn’t have the “bandwidth.” Although investing in infrastructure can be especially tough when you see costs go up, when you see the increase in the impact of your services you know the leap of faith was worth it.