Vattana Peong, Executive Director
The Cambodian Family

The Cambodian Family promotes social health by providing refugee and immigrant families the opportunities to develop health and well-being in their lives. Since 1980, they have helped thousands of refugees overcome barriers to finding jobs, accessing health and social services and bettering their lives. Over the years, they have broadened their clientele to include immigrants and refugees from all over the world, not just Cambodia. Vattana Peong is a passionate leader, with a strong connection to his local community.

Cambodian Family was founded to ensure the survival and establish community for the first wave of Cambodian refugees who settled in Orange County in the early 1980s. However, our past reliance on federal grants for refugee resettlement means we now face a situation in which our resources are simply not enough to meet the needs of the community we serve. Our funding was reduced so dramatically and so suddenly, that we were forced to lay off many staff members (reducing our staff by a third) and to scale back our efforts. We have found ourselves in the situation that all too many nonprofits wake up to: you want to think about the long term, but you don’t have the capacity.

Finding The Olin Group at this critical time has been a beacon leading us out of this dark chapter of our organization. Though we have a long road ahead of us, the St. Joseph Health Community Partnership Fund’s Sustainability Initiative (offered through The Olin Group), has given our executive leadership the tools necessary to steer us towards more sustainable practices. Both continuing to serve our community and growing our programs seem possible again now.

The Olin Group is both community and business oriented. They understand the issues nonprofits face and think holistically about your organization’s needs. The supports they provide you with – critical thinking, practical training and tools – include everything a nonprofit (small or large) should know to be sustainable, and not just surviving on a grant-by-grant basis. Everybody wins – because the value of The Olin Group is not restricted to the services they provide, but includes their continuing interest, support and resources going forward in the relationship they create with their clients.