In 2002, we began The Olin Group with no idea where it would take us. Initially, we focused on grant writing for individual agencies trying to solve local problems and raising awareness about vulnerable populations.

More than fifteen years later, our role in the sector is very different from what it was. While we continue to support individual organizations, we now better understand how larger initiatives can support individual agency efforts to solve complex problems, and have worked to participate in these solutions.

Today, The Olin Group has become a vibrant hub of all types of resource development, planning, evaluation, marketing, and assessment activity for a growing Southern California nonprofit sector dedicated to addressing social challenges through regional and collaborative solutions.

Although we have written thousands of grants during the last decade and raised millions of dollars, we also have learned that money is no guarantee of impact. Sustainability may begin with funding, but achieving results comes from leadership and vision, planning and risk, messaging and building momentum.

We are grateful to have met and supported nonprofit leaders who demonstrate commitment to improving their communities. Their vision in pursuit of social impact and sustainable growth in the face of growing and changing needs has taught us much about courage and innovation.

On our part, we hope that we have made them better and stronger, as they have made us.