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Can You Prove That Your Organization is Making an Impact?
The funding community wants to know that its contributions make an impact. One of the best – and often overlooked – ways that your organization can prove impact is through evaluation measurement and reporting. Investing in a strategic evaluation plan demonstrates to funders that your program is contract-compliant, sustainable, effective, impactful, and scalable.
Strategic evaluations take into account the fluidity of the nonprofit sector, acknowledging that variances will commonly exist between ideal and actual performance. Regular strategic evaluations provide an objective, effective way for a business to evaluate, analyze, and modify performance expectations. A positive variance reveals organizational strengths, while a negative variance underscores areas for improvement. Whether analyzing collected data, assessing existing evaluation systems, evaluating programmatic impact, or conducting comprehensive needs assessments, our highly qualified evaluation experts are ready to help.
The Olin Group, Inc. believes that cost-effective evaluation must be feasible, useful, accurate, and appropriate. We develop and execute strategic evaluation plans that result in stronger programs and significant community impact. When designing evaluation systems and processes, we give careful consideration to how and why information will be used, who the target audience is, and how information can be collected with minimal impact on client personnel and resources. To ensure pinpoint accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality, our data collection, analysis, and reporting are carried out with the highest attention to detail and utmost respect for privacy. We specialize in supporting decision makers and helping clients draw actionable insights from their data.
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