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A significant component of our commitment to advocacy is the belief that public-private partnerships have great potential to promote change. These are some of our valued partnerships:

In support of a growing movement dedicated to shared spaces, The Olin Group, Inc. has teamed with Orange County Shared Spaces as community liaison for The Village at 17th Street in Santa Ana, a nonprofit multi-tenant center dedicated to increasing organizational capacity and fostering resource sharing between nonprofits.
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Charitable Ventures of Orange County (CVOC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources and support services to charitable ventures and projects in Orange County, California. CVOC was formed to provide emerging charitable ventures with incubation and fiscal accounting services to meet the diverse needs of the region’s population. The Olin Group, Inc. provides subsidy and strategic support to ensure CVOC’s success.
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The Olin Group, Inc. provides strategic support to Accelerate Change Together (ACT) Anaheim, an initiative managed by the Orange County Community Foundation dedicated to meeting the needs of youth in Anaheim. With inaugural funding from the Disneyland Resort, Angels Baseball, the Anaheim Ducks and the Orange County Community Foundation, ACT Anaheim aims to provide a targeted philanthropic response to the challenges of serving youth in California’s 10th largest city.
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Since 1994, the purpose of Families and Communities Together (FaCT) has been to strengthen agencies and communities dedicated to promoting stronger family networks that in turn reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect. FaCT provides the following services to help family resource centers (FRC) deliver high-quality, best practice services to the individual child, parent, and family:
• Technical assistance on marketing, data collection, evaluation, and fundraising
• Trainings in organizational and programmatic topics, such as collaboration, financial management, safety, and best practices
• Advocacy and community engagement that raises awareness of FRC services through marketing materials, stakeholder outreach, and training for FRC parent/community volunteers
With funding from the County of Orange Social Services Agency, The Olin Group, Inc. has partnered with Charitable Ventures of Orange County and the Orange County Alliance for Children and Families to provide network administrative services to the Families and Communities Together (FaCT) program. Together, the partnership is known as the FaCT Coalition.
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